our daily bread

B Taking the long road from Bucharest to my grandmother’s village in Southern Romania offered me the same great experience as always. 

I found this lonely tractor plowing the fields in preparation for winter wheat planting, just a few miles from my destination, and I stopped and took a few photos. Flocks of birds were moving from place to place on the freshly turned earth in search for seeds and worms. Dried out sunflower and greenbrier witnessed the renewing in the brisk mid-afternoon. And on the side of the road, weeds and grass were set on fire to clean the land. I was witnessing the seeding of next years’ bread.

Most roads in Romania have two lanes, and that’s beautiful, as long as they’re not busy, as it allows you to stop at any time. Lucky are those who take the time to do so.

Shot on Ilford Pan F and Delta PRO 100 with a Pentax 645N camera



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